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Online Norton Antivirus Upgrade and Update Support
Best Online Guidance to Upgrade Norton Antivirus Online

Whenever you find that your Norton Security product has become old and lacks some of the new and major features or you Norton Security product has gone obsolete. That is the best time for you to get your Norton Security product updated and upgraded. Even though the process to update a Norton Security product is simple but a user may find difficulty to update and upgrade it. Therefore, we have provided our toll-free Norton Update support number available for every Norton user around the world.

Why is It Necessary to Upgrade Norton Antivirus?

Data hacking, data breaching, malware attack etc. are getting more and more advanced and that is why Norton keeps on improving its software and applications. Therefore it is very necessary to stay in pace with the world and make on updates on the Norton security product.

Online Norton Antivirus Upgrade and Update Support

We are a third party tech service provider who is offering complete support for all kind of Avast related issues. Our team consists of the best technician from the tech support industry who have years of experience and are equipped with the skills to solve any type of technical issue within moments.

A Simple Guide to Upgrade Norton Antivirus Standard Version to Norton 360

Many users use the standard version of the Norton antivirus which has many limitations and the uses are limited up to the beginner purpose only. Therefore, what they need to do is to get their Norton Standard Antivirus upgraded to the Norton 360. But before you do that, make sure which version of Norton 360 is compatible with the operating system you are using and upgrade it from the official website of the Symantec Corporation.

A Simple Guide to Update Norton Antivirus Standard to Norton 360

  • Sign-in into Norton account with the correct login credentials
  • Navigate to the device section after logging in successfully.
  • Search for the update button next to the correct Norton version.

(You will not find the button if correct version is already installed on the device)

  • If you are using a Windows device and are looking to upgrade or update the Norton product, then follow these simple steps mentioned below:–
  • Click on “Norton update center” button after starting your Norton Security Product.
  • Click on the button “Update me Now” after you get into the Norton Update center.

(Note: If in case download doesn’t start automatically, you need to download it manually)

  • After downloading the file, a security warning window appears on the screen.
  • Click on the “run” button in the prompt message after that.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and keep on clicking the continue button.
  • You can upgrade Norton 360 to Norton security in a similar way.

A Simple Guide to Upgrade Norton Antivirus to Norton 360 on a Mac Device

You can upgrade your Norton antivirus to the Norton 360 by following some simple steps which are mentioned in the section below. However, you need to know that Norton 360 is limited to the Windows devices only.

For the Mac users, Symantec Corporation has provided Norton 360 multi-device which is compatible with all the new versions of Mac devices. So you can simply upgrade your Norton Antivirus to the Norton 360 multi-device by following steps.

Here are the simple steps to upgrade your Norton Antivirus on Mac

  • Start the Norton product on your Mac device, go to the main menu section and then click on the “free upgrade available” button.
  • Click “update now” button when the software update window interface comes on the screen.
  • Enter your administrator password and then click on install helper button
  • Norton agent will uninstall the older version of antivirus product which is installed on the MAC device.
  • After the uninstallation is completed, click restart
  • After the Mac device gets rebooted automatically, you need to click “Agree and Upgrade” when software update window pops up.
  • Restart the device after the product installation is completed.
  • Registration alert message will be displayed on the Norton window to complete the process after the device restarts.
  • Click ‘Fix Now’ button after which Norton product subscription window will be displayed. After that enter Norton account login details.
  • The latest version of Norton antivirus will be installed on your Mac device after completing the above steps.

If you find any trouble even after following these simple steps then you can contact our support team immediately on our toll-free number +(1)-855-651-9384 and ask our technicians for help. You can even get our remote access support and our technicians will resolve your issues instantly and upgrade your Norton Antivirus software.

What is the necessity of our Norton Support Number?

As you can see that there are some simple steps that are needed to be followed in order to upgrade and update your Norton Software. But there are times when a user is not able to complete the procedure on his own and can cause trouble to their device. To avoid any major issue with your system it is very necessary that you take an expert help. We are a third party service provider we are known for our excellent antivirus support services. Therefore, you can call us immediately on our Norton Support Number +(1)-855-651-9384 immediately whenever you find any difficulty.

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